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Psychotherapy Networker Annual Symposium

March 21 @ 8:00 am March 24 @ 1:00 pm

Courtney is presenting the following two workshops at the Psychotherapy Networker Annual Symposium- one of the best conferences in the world!

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Breaking Habits with Hypnosis- Saturday March 23

Even when clients are motivated, breaking unhealthy habits can be dauntingly difficult. Well thought out behavioral plans and the conscious desire to change is often not enough. For successful and long-term change to occur, therapists have to address the unconscious processes that create, maintain and reinforce negative habits in the first place. In this workshop, you’ll learn why clinical hypnosis can enhance treatment outcomes by as much as 70 percent, eradicating stubborn habits on the subconscious level. Watching demonstrations and participating in group exercises, you’ll learn concrete, easy-to-use hypnosis techniques that you can use with clients—and on your own—to build healthier habits that align with deep emotional needs and values. You’ll also discover how to:  

  • Identify the function of a habit as well as the emotional need it’s filling 
  • Create subconscious cues that make healthy habits more automatic and easier to do 
  • Tame urges and cravings for unhealthy foods, substances, or behaviors 
  • Help clients develop new motivation that creates lasting change 

Awakening Positive Emotional States- Sunday March 24

Research from brain science and positive psychology shows that awakening positive emotional states through experiential tools such as imagery, music, movement, and play is the fastest route to shift mood, decrease anxiety, and stimulate creative problem solving. But how do you help clients access resourceful states when they’re feeling hopeless and helpless? Discover how to help troubled clients reclaim inner states of peace, strength, joy, and vitality. Moreover, you’ll have opportunities to evoke your own uplifting states through experiential activities. Explore how to: 

  • Use imagery techniques to elicit desired emotions and engender positive feelings toward the self and the future 
  • Frame ideas, questions, and other interventions in ways that foster hope and boost motivation 
  • Craft music and movement interventions that lift depression, calm anxiety, and empower traumatized clients 
  • Use playful interventions that optimize learning and reinforce new behaviors 
Live Event: $679 Virtual Event: $399

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