Would you like to bring a trauma informed clinical hypnosis training program to your facility? The Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy has developed the following virtual clinical hypnosis courses for healthcare facilities that include both online self-study videos and weekly live webinar/practice sessions.

Clinical Hypnosis Basic Skills (25-30 CEs)

Designed for both medical and mental health professionals, this course teaches foundational hypnosis skills, four types of inductions, and hypnosis techniques for reducing anxiety, stress, and pain in both medical & mental health settings. Successful completion of this course is required before beginning the Intermediate Skills course.

Clinical Hypnosis Intermediate Skills (25-30 CEs)

On completion of the basic skills course, the Intermediate course teaches clinicians how to use rapid inductions, ideomotor signaling; advanced techniques for treating anxiety, chronic pain, and breaking bad habits; techniques for working with trauma and PTSD; and how to use hypnosis as an adjunct to treatment for medical procedures, cancer, and palliative care.

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How our virtual courses work

Each course is delivered in increments over eight weeks. Learners will get approximately 60-90 minutes of short, pre-recorded videos each week that they can watch at their own pace, followed by a live weekly webinar and practice session to help them apply and integrate the skills.

Our graduates have found this paced learning format to be very manageable and effective. In pilot-testing our virtual training with over 150 clinicians at the U. S. Veterans Administration, 90% of course graduates reported they acquired new tools they could use immediately, felt confident using hypnosis, and experienced positive outcomes with clients and Veterans.

We can run the virtual course for as few as 16 staff and as many as 36 staff at a time. Our course platform is easy-to-use and is compatible with VA technology systems. Learners can access the course through their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Save time and money! No travel costs or need for staff to block out entire workdays, clinics, or weekends.


We have developed a good deal of the content of our courses in collaboration with the Veterans Health Administration to meet the needs of healthcare providers working in busy environments with patients who have multiple treatment issues or a history of trauma.

Our trainings meet the requirements of the Veterans Healthcare Administration, the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, and CE boards for healthcare professionals in most states.

We focus on teaching practical, evidence-based clinical hypnosis skills that can be used as an adjunct to treatment to enhance, not replace, other evidence-based practices.


Ninety percent of our graduates report feeling confident using clinical hypnosis after taking our course and report positive results integrating our hypnosis techniques with their clients. The Veterans Healthcare Administration has utilized our trainings since 2018 and continue to recommend the Institute for Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy as one of the top-rated Clincal Hypnosis training organizations.

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